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Kooksoondang SSAL MAKKOLI

Kooksoondang SSAL MAKKOLI

Makkoli is one of the representative Korean traditional alcoholic beverages. It is a milky wine with creamy texture and sweet taste. Using extended fermentation process, the taste and aroma of this wine has been richly refined.  more

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Kooksoondang Bek Se Ju

Kooksoondang Bek Se Ju

Korean traditional wine Bek Se Ju is brewed with Unique and Finest traditional method and valuable 12 herbs. 'Bek Se Ju' means 100 years old. It doesn`t refer to the age of the wine but the health benefit that this wine efficiently offers. Bek Se Ju is a golden wine ... more

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Kooksoondang iCing Grapefruit Sparkling Rice Brew

iCing is rice beer brewed with grapefruit. It is a new conceptual Makkoli that refreshes even your restless mind through the crisp taste presented with the tropical grapefruits and soda like popping sensation.  more

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 300ml Can

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