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Ozeki was the first major sake brewer to begin production in the United States. In 1999, Ozeki Sake (USA) Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary. Not only is Ozeki the oldest sake brewer in the United States, it can boast of a history of over 291 years in Japan. Ozeki's Japan headquarters is located in Nada (between Osaka and Kobe), a sake brewing region famous for its water (Miyamizu) and sake-brewing rice (Yamada-Nishiki). In the U.S., Ozeki was also concerned about location, which is why Hollister, California, was carefully chosen. In Hollister, water from the Sierra Nevada mountains and rice from nearby Sacramento provide Ozeki Sake with quality ingredients to make the finest sake. Visit the Ozeki website.
Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach Blossom Sparkling Sake

Ozeki Hana Fuga Peach Blossom Sparkling Sake

Hana Fuga's bright peach and floral flavors are perfectly balanced by its light sweetness and delicate bubbles.  more

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 300ml Bottle

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Ozeki Junmai Sake Red Box

Ozeki Junmai Sake Red Box

Ozeki Sumo Sake depicts the perseverance and skill of the sumo wrestlers in a match. Ozeki also believes in these values while producing quality sake that matches well with a wide variety of cuisine. Ozeki Sumo Sake is full-bodied with earthy tones that leave the original rice flavor on the ... more

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